Home Visit

We come to you...

Once you have instructed us one of our experienced agents will call

you ahead of their appointment just to make sure everything is set and

ready to go.

During the appointment our agent will have a quick chat with you

offering any advice or tips you need in order achieve a quick sale.

Our agent will then take detailed information about your property, take

photographs and internal measurements.

The appointment will last no longer than one hour.

After the visit

After the visit your sales particulars will be prepared and sent to you

for your approval.

Our distinctive “forsale”

board will be on its way and will be erected by our specialist board contractor. This

will be secured in a convenient prominent location, and you need not be at home when they arrive unless

you have any specific requirements on the placement of the sale board.


When selling your home you have to provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) free of charge to

potential buyers. Our agent can arrange for an EPC (at additional cost) if you do not have one.